April 2008 - From massive to minute works of art

Giclée Fine Art has recently undertaken both its largest, and smallest printing commissions, in terms of physical size that is…

The company, which is one of the UK’s leading professional digital fine art printmakers, has recently been commissioned by a client for delivery to the Middle East, to produce a series of prints from an enormous original desert painting. The task required the use of sophisticated camera equipment to photograph each part of the original canvas and then painstaking computer reconstruction to fit each photograph together for the printing of five final prints.The largest print was over 3.6 metres in length and is the largest undertaken by Giclée Fine Art to date.

At the other end of the scale, Giclée is also currently putting together a series of prints for renowned artist Willard Wigan. Wigan produces the world’s smallest sculptures, many of them less than a third of the size of the eye of a needle. The artist has commissioned Giclée Fine Art to produce limited edition prints of his sculptures onto art paper. This has involved the use of highly technically advanced camera and microscope equipment to capture the detail and colour of the sculptures for reproduction onto paper.

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