Giclee Printing
Giclee is the fine quality print process. The prints render deep, saturated colours, and have a beautiful painterly quality that retains minute detail, subtle tints and blends. The human touch is critical and the final quality lies almost entirely in the human involvement and craftsmanship. There are several phases. Firstly Giclee prints begin as original art; secondly the work is photographed directly into a computer, where it is colour corrected. This correction requires an experienced eye and touch making proper adjustments in tone, contrast, and sharpness and other factors to produce a print that faithfully reproduces the original. Third a practised eye must make adjustments for the best results in matching the computer image with the original. Lastly the printer himself needs steady attention to achieve consistent and quality results.

Light fastness
We use Pigment Inks, which coupled with specially treated papers and canvases, ensure the very best non-fade characteristics.

Papers, Mounts, Framing, and Boxing
We use a variety of heavy duty art papers averaging around 310gms, with textured surfaces to suit watercolours, Pastels, Acrylic paints, pencil, and right through to meet the smoother requirements of photographs.

We finish off our paper prints as required, right through to boxing for direct customer despatch.

Canvas, Stretching, Board Mounting, and Boxing
Our Canvases are the best between 300/400 gms fully varnished, stretching without cracking, and can alternatively be mounted onto Board. Again final supply can be in Boxed format.

Acrylic & Glass
We have developed considerable expertise in Acrylic and Glass images. Wall Mounting Bolts or Framing can complete the cycle as required, with final customer packing and despatch offered as required.

Hand Embellishments
We carry out extensive Hand Embellishment projects on all Medias we print on.

  • Paints and Gel to provide texture.
  • Metallic Leaf & Sheet Finishes in all colours from Gold to Silver to a vast range of colours.

Bespoke & Volume Production
We set ourselves up to work with customers with individual image requirements up to print runs of several thousand.

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silver leaf
gold leaf
Silver Leaf
Gold leaf
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